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Application for Biomodd workshop

Biomodd is a workshop open to public, as well as an exhibition of artworks composed of computer-run ecosystems. A group of volunteers have designed Biomodd, the art exhibition, within which recycled computers serve as the source of energy for an ecosystem. Basically, Biomodd is a computer network where excess heat is used to maintain the ecosystem comprising plants and fish. The computers are equipped with a game for visitors to play. The more the game gets popular, the more computers are being used, the more the ecosystem thrives. Angelo Vermeulen refers to the Biomodd project as “the travelling concept”. The Belgian artist that took the project to Philippines says that Biomodd is a social art project, as it was designed and established by numerous volunteers contributing their own ideas, skills and resources. Also participating in the Philippine edition of the Biomodd project was Diego Maranan, who teaches multimedia courses. Under the management of Vermeulen and Maranan, a multi-layered exhibit was created. Its central part is a greenhouse-like structure composed of computers, plants, fish and traditional woodcarvings from the city of Paete, Laguna region, which emphasises the ability of contemporary art to awaken traditional values. The Biomodd exhibitions and project aim at encouraging a discussion on a number of questions, including computer recycling, contemporary and traditional art, and environment. Some concepts accentuated within Biomodd have also been embraced by the scientific community.

Email application: Miha Horvat