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KIBLIX 2010 festival closed, 18.–28.11.2010, Maribor, Slovenija

On Sunday 28 November, KIBLIX 2010 festival closed with the presentation of a tower made of recycled computers functioning in harmony with an ecosystem of plants and algae. Marvelling at the results of the Biomodd workshop and enjoying the sounds of dj Metka and dj Djuza, we talked about the new year, a new edition of the festival and new encounters with artists from Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe.

Events between 18/11 and 28/11 in numbers:
The number of visitors to Kibela Gallery and the exhibition “Waste – Technology Minus” almost reached a thousand. During the festival and the workshop, there were fifteen public guided tours of the exhibition. Openings in Kibla traditionally attract large crowds. The very first day, the launch of Biomodd workshop with the opening of the exhibition and Kiblix festival were attended by about hundred people.
This year, Days of Curiosity were aligned in time and theme to the main festival topic. Presentations of professions were attended by more than thousand secondary school students in two days, and they also visited the exhibition and the workshop. The symposium on HIV/AIDS with participants form Europe and Africa raised the questions on assistance as well as the technology in media featured in projects of cooperation with Africa.
The performative factor by Simon Berz and his performance ROCKING DESK in Kino Udarnik earned him a massive round of applause. The closing open(fashion)code performance OPENWEAR featuring collaborative clothing and serving as the formal closing event of the joint festival platform, filled up the hall of Kino Udarnik.
Together with some colleagues of HAIP and MFRU festivals, Kiblix artists were kindly invited by Cirkulacija team of Rog centre, Ljubljana, to make a working-socializing trip to Ljubljana. They visited Cirkulacija 2 on Saturday and enjoyed excellent food.

And of course. We shall read, hear from and see each other next year.

Miha Horvat,
Kiblix festival coordinator

Sunday, 28/11, 18:00 (MMC KIBLA)

4 meter tall tower

4 meter tall tower consisting of recycled – and still functioning! – computers, co-existing with an ecosystem of plants and green algae in Kibela gallery (MMC KIBLA)

The tower is the result of 11 days of co-creation by artists from Slovenia, the Philippines, and Belgium; in total more than 30 people contributed.

The art work is used as a game network, please join us for a public game jam session. Event starts at 6 pm on Sunday, November 28.

More about the project

Saturday, 27/11

C2_Kiblix_Mfru_Haip : Total Noise Session at Cirkulacija 2

Saturday, 27/11 2010, after 20.00 in the space of Cirkulacija 2 in former ROG factory in Ljubljana

Initiative Cirkulacija 2 is inviting to an international techne total event with artists, guests in Slovenia; KIBLIX, MFRU, HAIP in the same location: space of Cirkulacija 2 in former Rog factory in Ljubljana. Thanks to Miha H. and Marc D. for their initiative.

Friday, 26/11

Angry face

19:00 OPENWEAR collaborative clothing; openwear show, with Ana Pečar (vj) and HouseMouse (dj) aka HouseCulture after party
More on h

Thursday at 19:00, opening of the exibition in UGM

Twenty-six million minutes latter
New Tendencies, from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

UGM – Maribor Art Gallery, Strossmayerjeva 6
November 25, 2010 – February 13, 2011
Opening: Thursday, 25 November 2010 at 19:00


SLUM TV Wednesday at 16:00

Alexander Nikolić, founder of SLUM TV
at 16:00 in MMC KIBLA – lecture / presentation

The Announcement:

Wednesday, 24/11 (Kino UDARNIK)
More on

Friday, 26/11 (Kino UDARNIK)
20:00 OPENWEAR collaborative clothing; openwear show, with Ana Pečar (vj) and HouseMouse (dj) aka HouseCulture after party
More on h

Sunday, 28/11, KIBLA
18:00 BIOMODD workshop closing and presentation with dj Metka Vs. dj Djuz

Tuesday 16:00 Nic Geeraert Presentation on Kiblix 2010

Nic Geeraert presents Shiptree: »The shape of a tree is the history of the forces which were acting on it as it grew.« Consider the potential of all of earth’s biota: at 16.00 in Kibela Gallery, MMC KIBLA.


MFRU & KIBLIX weekend

Program torek, 13. 11. 2010

Exibition Waste – Technology Minus and Biomodd Workshop


Symposium Re-Play: Cinema and video games

(Foto / Photo Boštjan Lah)

AV Live Performances: 8-BIT Night, Optofonica Showcase, Jam session Cheap, fat and open

(Foto / Photo Boštjan Lah)

Digital art of the future: KIBLIXMFRUHAIP

A joint digitalised festival platform analysing modified images, nature and perceptions.

Yesterday, the KIBLIX 2010 open code festival and the 16th edition of mfru international festival of computer arts were launched officially in MMC KIBLA with the opening of the exhibition Waste – Technology Minus.

Miha Horvat, Kiblix coordinator, thanked the visiting artists coming from Indonesia, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia and elsewhere. Visitors were able to see the works exhibited, test one minute shopping, observe the concept of multifunctional clothing (which will be presented at the closing open-code fashion show on Thursday 25 November) and learn about the concept of Biomodd workshop, its plants, algae, computer components and cables taking up the central space in front of the gallery entrance.

This year, digital arts are presented as a joint festival platform of organisers MKC, Zavod oko; uho and ACE KIBLA as well as Kiberpipa, Ljubljana, the organiser of haip festival (23–26 Nov in Ljubljana).

Festival KIBLIX 2010 begins

Festival KIBLIX 2010 begins on Thursday.
You are kindly invited to festival opening on Thursday 18th, at 7.00 pm in MMC KIBLA.
Main topic of KIBLIX festival is Waste – Technology Minus.