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From 2002 to 2009 KIBLA Multimedia centre was gradually transforming the international, technically oriented open code festival Kiblix into a domain of art and education, its 9th edition in 2010 stepping into an even wider cultural and social field. Oriented into education, KIBLIX Festival is intended for secondary school and university students as well as expert and business audiences interested in information technology, open code, open society and contemporary trans-new-media art.

The programme-formal framework of the 9th edition (2010) is low technology, ecology, open code and dump, waste, i.e. Waste – Technology Minus, as indicated in its title.

Featuring exhibitions, ambient installations and a workshop spanning several days as well as discussions, round tables and a fashion show, and particularly, establishing cooperation and integration of new media and open code festival platforms at home and abroad, the 2010 edition of KIBLIX seeks to lay the foundations for abandoning the exhibition spaces mentioned in favour of the wide field of culture and society, and to launch the 2011 edition already in 2010.