Educational Program, November 10–23, Festival as a Lab
KIBLIX Festival, November 18–23, Festival as a Cultural Performance

From The Cabinet of Curiosity to Days of Wonder, for the last 200 years, public appreciation of knowing and understanding art, technology and science has transformed from a closed circle to an open field. The experience of participating hands-on enhances the experience of sharing while doing – a priceless ideology stepping forward into practice.

Share is in the air, the theme of KIBLIX Festival 2011, invites international and regional artists, thinkers, hackers, scientists, philosophers, educators, social science engineers and writers to discuss the format of festival as lab aka festival as cultural performance.

KIBLIX 2011 – Educational Program – November 10 till 23 – Festival as a Lab – will have a strong focus on education, hands-on creation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge. The educational program addresses, on one side, emerging artists to participate in professional / advanced workshops and exhibiting the outputs during the festival, and on the other side reaches out to the public and the youth with various mini-workshops on creative and playful technology&art projects.

KIBLIX 2011 Festival – November 18 till 23 – Festival as a Cultural Performance – aims to be a platform in which artists who are hungry to know what researchers are doing and thinking, and researchers, eager to know of artistic experimentation come together to explore, discuss and share their ideas.

In cooperation with MFRU www.mfru.org

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Professional Workshops
mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed

Art in a Suitcase 15–19/11
11–18 11–18 11–18 11–18 11–18

Effi Tanner (CH)

YOU, in the center of the world 15–18/11
11–18 11–18 11–18 11–18

Tobias Hoffmann (DE/CH)

Ephemeral listening 17–19/11

11–18 11–18 11–18

Patrick McGinley (EE), Udo Noll (DE)

Digitalu Tranqulaisaao 18–19/11

13–18 13–18

by Monika Pocrnjić

FoldMe 20–22/11

11–19 11–19 11–19
Esher Tsai, dimension plus (TW/HK)

NoTours 21.nov


Enrique Tomas (ES)