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    Miha Klemenčič 1/2 Random Logic

  • Skorja_Spacal_Hirsenfelder_I

    Saša Spačal (SI) & Ida Hiršenfelder (SI)


  • braindance_kiblix3
    10. 10. 2014, KIBLA PORTAL


    PLES MOŽGANOV (BRAIN DANCE) is a neuro-art project, bridging the gap between science and art. The project deals with the difference in the visualisation of brain activity in regard to the base tuning of music and the possibility of visual interpretation of music listening and further research of new ways to connect different media. As…

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  • mind_machines

    Mind Machines

    The Slovene experimental industrial dark techno live act, Mind Machines, uses glitches and errors in music as an inspiration to transform them into dance music forms. Countless hours in the studio and his devotion to hardware machinery are expressed in the variety of hard and raw sounds in his production. The Mind Machines laboratory uses…

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  • Random-Logic_colour_photo-by-Igor-Skafar1-2

    Random Logic

    The Random Logic duo are regarded as the pioneers of Slovene contemporary electronic and ambient techno music. At the dawn of the new millennium, their first LP Numrebs was awarded the Radio France International Award for best international electronic music album in Central and Eastern Europe (2001), as well as the Boomerang Award for best…

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  • static pict

    Yann Leguay: Unstatic

    “Unstatic” interacts with the materiality of audio medias and data storage as a raw material to produce unpredictable instruments. A single hard drive is used as a turntable, hacked in many different ways and crossing the entire range from analog to digital and reverse, creating physical feedbacks and deviant behavior.

  • mihaciglar

    Miha Ciglar (SI): Virtual Sources

    Virtual Sources is a musical composition that deals with the use of directional sound in live performance. Directional speakers radiate a beam of sound in one direction only. The speakers are used indirectly so the sound is heard only through reflections – by letting the sound bounce of walls, ceiling or any other surfaces before it…

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  • biomehatron
    10. 10. 2014, 19.00, KIBLA PORTAL


    INFORMANS   Dragan Živadinov studied theatrical direction at the Academy of Music, Radio, Television and Film in Ljubljana from 1980 – 1984. He was a cofounder of the art movement NSK in 1985. During the ’80s he constructed the style »retro-gardism«. In 1983 he founded the retro-garde Theatre of Scipio Nasica’s Sisters and in 1987…

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  • TeofilovicAsymmetry

    Nataša Teofilovič (RS)

  • VJdelavnica
    10. 10. 2014, 10.00–14.00, KIBLA PORTAL

    Matej Modrinjak: CoGe – VJ workshops: How to provide a visual image for a soundscape?

    Whether you wish to give a visual boost to your music night, or just play your favorite author pieces, CoGe software (http://cogevj.hu) offers simple-to-use equipment with additional optional upgrades. Meet CoGe on Thursday, 9 October (3pm – 6pm) and Friday, 10 October (10pm – 2pm) at KIBLA Portal, Valvasorjeva Street 40, Maribor. A presentation of…

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  • gagic
    10. 10. 2014, 10.00–15.00, KIBLA PORTAL

    Bojan Gagić (HR) & Miodrag Gladović (HR): Luminoacustics

    Croatian artists Miodrag Gladović and Bojan Gagić will be holding a workshop on luminoaucustics, based on the conversion of luminous objects into tone images through the photovoltaic effect.The effect is generated when solar panels produce electricity, the strength of which depends on the intensity of light, thus giving the performance and the composition technique its…

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  • 1N1A7265

    Žiga Pavlovič: Gaming Lounge

    Along with development of computer technologies, digital tools and their distribution, the language of interactive media – videogames – has also made progress. Gaming Lounge offers an insight into the “Let’s play” gaming subculture and into the world of independent (indie) games; for in the background of increased interest in computer games, a simultaneous revolution…

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  • OlafVal2

    Olaf Val

    Olaf Val (r. 1968) je odraščal v mestih Hanau in Frankfurt v Nemčiji. Po študiju na umetnostni akademiji v Kasslu je končal še podiplomski program na Kunsthochschule für Medien v Kölnu. Svoja dela je predstavil na številnih razstavah v Nemčiji in drugod. Od leta 2003 deluje kot svobodni umetnik, po letu 2004 pa tudi kot…

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